About GrC 2014

Granular Computing (GrC) is a general computation theory for effectiveness using granules such as subsets, neighborhoods, tuples (ordered subsets), relations (subsets of Cartesian products), fuzzy sets (membership functions), variables (measurable functions), Turing machines (algorithms), and intervals to build an efficient computational model for complex with huge amounts of data, information, and knowledge.

GrC 2014 will continue to address the issues related to Granular Computing and its applications. GrC 2014 will provide researchers from universities, laboratories, and industries to present state-of-the-art research results and methodologies in theory and applications of granular computing, including rough sets as special form for granulation. The conference will also make it possible for researchers and developers to highlight their new research directions and new interactions with novel computing models.

GrC 2014 is the 10th GrC conference. Previous conferences were celebrated in Beijing (2005), Atlanta (2006), Silicon Valley (2007), Hangzhou (2008), Nanchang (2009), Silicon Valley (2010), Kaohsiung (2011), Hangzhou (2012), and Beijing (2013).


IEEE Computer Society

Kayamori Foundation on
Informational Science Advancement

Support Center for Advanced Telecommunications Technology Research, Foundation (SCAT)


Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and intelligent informatics (SOFT)

Muroran Institute of Technology

Noboribetsu Tourist Association
IEEE SMC Technical Committee on Granular Computing

Last update: September 22, 2014